Monday, February 27, 2017

Improve your Salah

Assalamualaikum Warahmatullah Hiwabarokatuh...

I hope everyone is in good health, happy with all the blessings given.. happy that we are still alive and reading the reminder. A reminder not coming from me but rather coming from Allah.. Glad that He still remembers us. Knowing that he is looking out for us what we all need. A protection from the Almighty Allah.. We don't need a guard, because guard may get killed. We don't need an armor because there is no armor that can't be ruin when a bomb explode. We only need Allah, who can give a miracle, strength, love, protection and everything that we want. 

So... ya Ukhti... ya Akhi... Let us look at how do we appreciate all the kindness, the blessings and the surprises that Allah has given us? How do we say that we are really thankful to Allah? One of the most immediate way, the best way for us to tell Him is by.. doing Salah... (Solat).. 

What caught my attention yesterday was when a student posted a photo in the IG and that literally hit a bulls' eye on my heart.

"When someone gives us short replies WE GET ANGRY. What about when we OFFER SALAH AT 300 KM/H AND FORGET THAT WE'RE TALKING TO OUR CREATOR?"

Aren't we ashamed of that? Trying to rush through Salah but hoping that Allah will grant our wishes right away. We did not have the chance to truly thank Him for everything that He had given us yet we wishes that Allah will understand us and give us more.. 
Imagine you are trying to impress your bestfriend, you give her everything.. You give her attention, time, energy and sometimes money.. you give her presents, cakes and etc.. 
Only then, will she be able to really accept you the way you are. 
Only then, will she give her attention back to you. 
So.. how about Allah? Allah doesn't need all the materials in the world.. Allah doesn't need that. 
We are the one in need of Allah. 
Without Him, what are we? A mere sand.. being stomp by others. 
So please my friends.. and also myself.. let us look at ourselves.. reflect on ourselves... 

Just like when we practice our dancing routine.. trying to be a kpop dancer. We memorize everything. we synchronize the rhythm, the music, the steps and everything... we are asked to fully be one with the dance routine and yes we did. We managed to give the best performance.. Some even managed to win a dance competition. 
What about us in Salah? Even if we don't know dancing, we try to be perfect in other things.. Why can't we be perfect in doing our Salah then? Why? 
I hope that the message can get through the readers just like this message got through to me. 
Let us remind ourselves and everyone around that... Islam is a way of life.. A beautiful way of life. It may be hard for us now in Dunya.. but in the hereafter.. We will taste Jannah, experience Jannah... Forever happiness.. No more sadness.. No more difficulties.. In shaa Allah.. our final destination will be Jannah.. 

May Allah grant us Jannah.. Allahumma Ameen... 

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